CrockPots and Tattoos

This is just a place to keep track of the things that I see. I'm not going crazy, I'm already there. Due to a TBI, I have some issues with my memory, therefore subject matter may vary from time to time. I love good beer and great wine. I'm allergic to vodka and ignorance.
Occasionally I do post personal photos.
Please remember to explore this blog with an open mind. If you are homophobic, I suggest you get out more.

If you are under 18, get out. Go outside, do your homework, play in a band, or ride a bike. Just don’t spend so much time in front of a computer that you end up thinking everyone is beautiful, has great tits, a huge dick and fucks on the first date. Well, I do, but I'm exceptional.

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    Get in my bed. Right fucking now.